Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yankee Candles

Now that Autumn has arrived I thought that I would pull some candles out to get me into the mood of the colder nights so I went and bought some new Yankee Candles. 
 This candle is the Mandarin Cranberry and it smells like autumn (if Autumn had a smell). Its so warm, and perfect for dark and cold Autumn/Winter nights which in England we get a lot of so I will defiantly be making use of this. (£5.99)
 This is a candle topper which goes on top of the jar above and it looks so pretty, especially when the lights are off and the light from the candle comes through its a must have for dark cold nights. (£8.99)

 How pretty does this look I feel all cosy just looking at it.
 These four candles are called samplers and are perfect if you want to try the sent out first before committing yourself to a jar, and once you find that perfect sent you cant get enough of you can buy the jar knowing you will love it. The scents starting from the left are Pink Hibiscus which is a nice light floral scent perfect all year round. The next one is Coastal Waters which is a lovely clean and fresh scent. Next is Wild fig which is an amazing warm fruity scent perfect for Autumn/Winter. The last candle is Beach Walk is a perfect fresh scent smells of a fresh relaxing holiday. (£1.80 each)
This is a candle holder for the samplers which are the candles above I think it is a perfect holder, and you an get so many different types to match any room it becomes a feature of the room. (£5.00)

The candle in the holder is called sparkling Lemonade, and it is a perfect fresh summer sent defiantly reminds me of an ice cold fresh lemonade. (£1.80) 

These candles can be used all year round but having them on now and having the lights off, and being all wrapped up warm in bed whilst the cold nights creep in is what Autumn/Winter is all about, and being able to smell all the lovely scents is a perfect night in. It reminds me Christmas is not to far away, and I am so excited I cant wait. 

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