Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Piercings

Today after much thought and, many attempts of going and talking my self out of it I got two new piercings. Even though I know piercings aren't for everyone (such as my mum) I love them. I got my Rook and Tragus in my ear pierced. The reason It took me so long to get this done was because I was thinking about other peoples experience too much, as people I had spoke to who had these piercings said it really hurt and I would hear a pop when the needle goes through the cartilage which really put me off. Remember everyones experience is different so don't just take peoples experiences as yours may be completely different.

 The Tragus piercing is the one with the ring in it at the front of the ear. People who had this piercing done told me it was painful and they heard a popping noise when the needle went through. In my experience I can honestly say this piercing did not hurt at all just as much as a lobe piercing does and I did not hear the dreaded popping noise which was a relief. The second piercing I got further up is called a Rook piercing and again people told me that this was meant to be one of the most painful piercings you can get on the ear and they also heard a popping noise when the needle went through, and that it hurts more because its like having a double cartilage piercing at the same time. My experience with this piercing like the other one was honestly fine and did not hurt at all and I don't consider my self to have a high pain thresh hold at all. I also did not hear the popping noise, but I have heard that it depends what type of cartilage you have such as if it is harder then some other peoples if you hear the noise or not, wether this is true or not i'm not sure. I think it is important to remember if you are thinking of getting a piercing that everyones different so for some peoples piercing that don't hurt may hurt others, but the pain will never be that bad its unbearable and it will only last no more that a few minutes. After getting these piercing my ear is a bit sensitive which is understandable, I just need to keep it clean and clean it twice a day and hopefully in four months time it should be healed enough that I can change the jewellery. 

I also have other piercings on my ears, I have my first and second lobes done on both ears which where painless and easy to heal. I also have two cartilage piercings on the top of my left ear which I got just under a year ago. I did fell a little bit of pain when getting these done but it wasn't unbearable and lasted less than five minutes. They where sensitive for a few weeks and I couldn't sleep on them for a while. I cleaned them twice a day, but despite this they did get infected and I had to get antibiotics to treat this as they swelled up a lot and didn't look that great. With cartilage piercings there is more chance of them getting infected than a lobe piercing as they take longer to heal but this wont happen to everyone. Since the infection has gone I have had no problems with them and I can sleep and do anything I could with my ear before I got them pierced. 

I love my piercings and hopefully in the near future I hope to get more piercings such as my nose or septum pierced. I think all my piercings have been worth it even with the bit of pain they may have caused me and the worry before the piercing they where worth it in the end. 

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