Thursday, October 9, 2014

Perfect Lip!

I love a bold colourful lip, I use this as my main focus point of my makeup as people use different parts of the face to focus on such as eyes, but for me its defiantly lips. I love big bold lips with minimal makeup as I think it is a really classic look. 

These two lipsticks are my all time favourites and a must for that perfect lip!

 These are swatches of the two lipsticks. The top lipstick is Kate Moss Matte 107, and the bottom swatch is Matte Ruby Woo MAC.
 The first think I do is use this lip scrub and this will get ride of any dry skin making the lips smooth and giving the lipstick a better finish. This is important as the lipsticks are matte so they will not moisturise the lips. (£5.50)
 The next step I use when applying Ruby Woo is use this Estee Lauder lip conditioner. As I find Ruby WOO very drying so I need to put something under it to make it smooth and not dry up my lips causing the lipstick to look tacky. I first tried vaseline but this was too shiny, so when I came across this it was perfect it left my lips conditioned without making the lipstick shiny or sticky which i think is important for a matte lipstick.   
 I then use this lipliner from MAC called Cherry which makes the lips look bigger making them more bold. (15.00)
 This is Ruby Woo which is a classic MAC favourite. I love how bold the colour is, however it is very drying and when putting it on it is like a chalky substance making it harder to apply, but once it is on it looks amazing and gives a really bold perfect red lip.  
 This is my favourite high street lipstick, and I came across this as I wanted to get the MAC Diva lipstick and people had told me this was identical to Diva and was amazing, so I went out and got it not expecting much due to the price. The first time I put this on I fell in love with it as it is so easy to apply and not drying so I don't need to put any lip conditioner under this. It is also so pigmented which I did not expect for the price. This is defiantly a bargain for the price and the quality of lipstick you are getting. Its colour is also identical to Diva by MAC which is over triple the price of this lipstick. This is a must have!


  1. We have the same opinion: we both prefer bold lips and everything else light. Great choice of lipsticks. Keep up the good work.


  2. i love ruby woo! lost mine though so i need to repurchase as it's a lovely shade

    from helen at

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  3. can't go wrong with a classic red lip haha and thank you :) awwww it's defiantly worth repurchasing its a colour that goes with everything and can make a look even better!!!!

  4. love a classic red lip! Love the lip scrubs from lush, they're amazing!